Tuesday, July 24, 2012



There have been many studies made and the general consensus is that - Yes, pets are good for you!

One study monitored a group of people both before and after they acquired a pet, the majority responded that their health had made an improvement in as little as three to nine months.



It is not much of a surprise that people who acquired dogs reported the most increase in health, after all walking a dog exercises the owner as well as the dog, but owners of other pets reported that they felt healthier too even though they were not as active as the dog owners.


Children too benefit from growing up with pets in the home. Many kids believe that their pet helps them with their relationships with other family members, helps them gain confidence and and provides an avenue for making new friends. Research carried out by Warwick University concluded that children that share their home with pets take fewer sick days off school. It is believed that owning a pet helps a child to come to terms with the loss of a parent.


Pets are good for you in many other ways too. Sharing your life and home with a pet can help prevent loneliness. Most humans consider their pet to be a companion, only a small minority think of their pet as their property.


Although they may be reluctant to admit it publicly many people talk to their pets. After all, pets do not criticizes or judge you, they are expert listeners in fact!


Spend some time thinking about what sort of animal would be best for you. You may love large dogs but would a large dog be a suitable pet for you and your circumstances? Think about the particular behavior problems certain kinds of pets are likely to have, could you cope?




If after you have given a lot of thought to the kind of pet that would suit you best and you are sure that you can handle the responsibility and commitment, then you will find sharing your life with a pet will bring you many rewards - Yes, pets are good for you - make sure that you are good for your pet!



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