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Looking to achieve this look?

Not all women are blessed with flawless skin. In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned the ways to achieve a flawless look naturally. Here you will find the makeup tips for flawless skin.

There are many makeup products to help us attain a dewy look. Dewy complexion gives a healthy glow to your face, making you look gorgeous.However, you should be careful while applying these products because if applied wrongly, they can make you look too shiny or overdone.

The aim is: naturally glowing skin, not the effect of overdone makeup!!!!

Here are the tips for flawless makeup:

1) Choose the right foundation: Cosmetics promising "natural glow", "satin finish" or "naturally luminous" look are usually meant to achieve dewy look. Creamy sheer foundations are good to achieve this. Be careful while choosing your shade. It should match your skin color. Apply your foundation with a wet sponge, which will help you create that glowy dewy look. It is also easier to blend cream based foundation with wet sponge.

NARS- Sheer Glow Foundation

MAC-Studio Finish Satin Foundation

Maybelline- Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

2) Choose concealer with a good coverage: You will need to cover your blemishes, spots, under eyes with a concealer which has a high coverage. You can pick a concealer one shade lighter for your eye area to give a highlight effect.

Hard Candy heavy duty concealer and Hard Candy concealer pencil


MAC-Studio Finish Concealer

3) Settle your make up with a "little" translucent powder: Use powder in small amount to settle your makeup or if you like more glow preferably don't use powder at all. 

4) Use cream-based blush: Apply small amount of blush to your cheekbones in soft pink or rosy shades.

MAX FACTOR- Miracle Touch Creamy Blush

5) Highlight your cheekbones: Use highlighter which will give your skin a glow.

MAC-Cream Color Base (Pearl)

6) Create a natural eye makeup: Choose light or neutral colors for your shadows. Keep it minimal but use eyeliner and/or eye pencil to define your eyes. Apply two coats of mascara.

Urban Decay- Naked 2 Eye shadow palette

7) Lips-better be neutral: light rosy colors, light browns, light peachy pinks are great. But don't forget to apply lip gloss over your lipstick. Aim is glowing, keep that in mind. 


I hope these tips give you some idea about how you can achieve a flawless dewy skin look with makeup!!!

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