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KAJAL/KOHL EYELINER: Arabian Way to Beautify

Kajal Eyeliner

Application of ‘Kajal’ (also known as kohl or surma) is a common practice in Indian and Arabic families. 

Kohl in either powder or paste form is the traditional way that both women and men give a natural herbal treatment for their eyes.

Kohl is made of natural things like minerals and herbs, depending on what type it is.


Some are made of burnt cumin seeds and others of a mineral rock that is considered extremely healthy for the eyes.

Natural kohl is also considered to help grow the eyelashes, too!


It's no wonder that women from all over the world are using kohl products from Arabia and Asia, and that they have adopted the sexy smokey eye look that has been traditional in the Arabian Gulf and surrounding areas for thousands of years. 

A kohl/kajal eyeliner perfectly defines your eyes,making them look more attractive and bold.


     - You can use it on your waterline. It will  make your eyes look bigger. 

- You can apply it along the upper lash line together with lower lash line: certainly defines your eyes.

- First apply compact powder under your eyes, dust out the excess powder, and then apply the kajal. The kajal will not spread. You could also try applying kajal to your eyes at night, and then wiping out the excess in the morning when you wake up. What is left in the eyes doesn't leak out.

Eyes are one of the most alluring and noticeable features, using Kohl/Kajal eyeliner helps define them. Various color options means Kohl/Kajal can be used lightly for a daytime look and more intensely for an evening look. Use brown for a subtle daytime look or a more natural look.


The use of Kohl on eyes by women and men is thought to originate from ancient Egypt, being applied generously and often extending outwards from the corner of each eye.

Max Factor Kajal

Kajal was traditionally made in South Asia by women in their homes. A mixture of soot from an oil lamp and pure castor oil would product pure Kajal. The castor oil gave provided a cooling effect to eyes. Kajal powder was applied with fingers or a thin wood, bone silver or ivory applicator. The applicator would be dipped in water, rosewater or olive oil before dipping into Kajal pot. Other names for Kajal include Al-kahl, Surma and Anjur.

Application method today is simpler and can be carried in your bag for re-application.


Eye Makeup Tips to Prevent Kajal from Smudging

1.Clean Your Eyelids

Before you apply any eye makeup it is essential that you clean your eyelids. Makeup on the lids can make your eyelids oily which is the main reason for smudging and creasing of eye makeup. Use a Q tip with some eye makeup remover and use it to clean your lids. Once your lids are clean apply a face powder on the lids and around the eye area. This will help in absorbing the excess oils and moisture thus allowing the kajal to stay on for a longer time.

2.Use An Eye Primer

Primers or an eye shadow base allow the eye makeup to stay on for a longer time. There are many eye primers by different cosmetic brands available in the market. You can use any of these to prepare your eyelids for the kajal. Apply the primer on the lower lash line before you apply the kajal.

3.Apply The Kajal

Apply the kajal on your lower lash line with care. It is a good idea to invest in some good long lasting kajals if you face the problem of smudging. While applying the kajal leave some space at the two corners of your lower eyelids as these are the areas that tend to start watering after some time thus leading to smudging of the kajal.

4.Set The Kajal With Black Eyeshadow

This is probably the best way of ensuring that the kajal does not smudge. Once you have applied the kajal set it with a little powder black eyeshadow on top. This not only intensifies the color but also helps in absorbing the moisture and oil in the region thus allowing the kajal to stay on for a longer time.


5.Finish up by powdering the area around the eyes

It is important to keep in mind that kajals will smudge to some extent and you can only delay the smudging, not stop it completely. To prevent raccoon eyes you can carry some Q tips with you and wipe off the smudged kajal from the under eye area


  1. Wow that's very helpful because I have blue eyes, and I needed some more makeup tips, thank y'all: eyeliner tips

  2. Arabian style looks both seductive and mysterious. It certainly looks absolutely amazing when done in the right way.

  3. I have almond shaped eyes and am definitely going to try this one

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