Monday, January 28, 2013


Laser Treatment

As we age, the damage to our skin often becomes increasingly more prominent. Some of this damage is simply a natural effect of aging, while some is caused by too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.Sunspots are commonly caused due to over exposure of skin to the harmful sun-rays. Also known as age spots, these are tiny spots, usually whitish or brownish in color. These might appear in cluster or alone on the over exposed areas of your skin. While lesser exposure can just lead to suntan, over exposure or repeated exposure to sun-rays can lead to formation of brown or white spots on skin. Though these are very common in people over 35, depending upon the type of skin and the amount of exposure to sun-rays, these also appear in younger people. Unprotected skin is most susceptible to this and many other skin disorders caused due to sun-rays. Opting for the best treatment is essential to refinish your skin and protect it from further damage. For those individuals who want to turn back the hands of time and achieve an even, more youthful complexion, skin laser treatment may be the answer.

Skin laser treatment is offered by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other skincare professionals. When done by an experienced professional, the success rate of the treatment is very high – and the risk of complications, very low. Patients can also expect very minimal pain during the outpatient procedure and little to no recovery time.

How it Works

Your skincare specialist will use a handheld tool that emits lasers over the treatment area. The lasers penetrate the skin to increase collagen production and eliminate skin discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. The length of the skin laser treatment depends on the size of the area being treated, but often takes less than one hour. In most cases, however, more than one treatment is necessary to remove the sun and age spots entirely. These treatments are usually scheduled within three to five weeks of each other. But because the treatments produce permanent results, you won’t need to repeat the treatments on a regular basis unless future spots develop.



Treatment Areas

Typically, laser treatments are performed on those parts of the body that are exposed to sunlight, and are, therefore, susceptible to damage. Areas of the body where laser treatment is typically performed includes the face, neck, hands, upper back and chest.

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