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Long Wavy Hairstyles: Have Them Naturally

Best How To Get Long Wavy Hairstyles



How to Have Long Wavy Hair:

1. The first step for any hair type is ensure that you are taking care of your hair in order for it to grow long and get that healthy sheen. A proper, balanced diet is essential, along with a good intake of omega-3 fatty acids (think salmon and nuts). Make sure you are conditioning your hair as well (I prefer natural products). You can help improve its sheen by applying homemade ingredients like egg yolks, olive oil or almond oil.

2. Growing your hair long takes patience and still requires regular cuts to trim off dead ends. Stay healthy, and practice the following wave-creating hair tips on hair of any length while you wait for it to grow. If you already have long hair...enjoy it and take care of it.

3.If you have dead straight, fine hair you are probably going to need to break out the curling iron to fake those wavy locks. First, apply some light gel or mousse so your hair will hold the curl. If your hair is thin and fine, don't use too much or it will weigh your hair down.

4. The best way to obtain a natural wave is to hold the barrel vertically while keeping the clamp closed and begin wrapping a section of hair around the outside of the barrel (not clamped inside). You can start at the top by the root or midway down- just be sure to wrap hair all the way to the end. 

5. Curl your entire head, section by section. It also helps to pin up your top layer of hair and curl the bottom layer underneath first. This adds more volume to your hair. I like to curl the hair sections that frame my face by wrapping in the direction AWAY from my face. This gives you that somewhat feathered (but not too 70's look). Finish off with a spritz of hair spray.

6.  If your hair takes kindly to a little wave on its own, you may not need a curling iron. One trick I use is to twist damp hair into tight little buns and pin them to my head while the hair dries. Depending on how much hair you have, you may only need one or two buns on each side of your head (I like to do the bangs/face framing layer separately). Once dry, take out the pins and shake the buns loose, scrunching hair lightly, while trying not to destroy the waviness.

7. This twisting hair method works best if you have a little texturizer in your hair before putting it into the buns. Saltwater is an excellent texturizer...I twist my hair after getting out of the ocean and it dries into lovely waves. If you don't live by the beach, you can try mixing sea salt with water and spritzing it onto your hair.

8. Another method for creating waves that some people have luck with is wrapping your damp hair on top of your head into a bun and securing with a scrunchy. Sleep with you hair like this and shake it loose in the morning. 

9. If you have lovely, naturally wavy hair, you may try applying some frizz easing products to provide a silky sheen and set your waves. Super curly-haired people may want to try a curl relaxing product to loosen up the curls into tousled waves. Whatever your hair type, try wavy for a day and you will instantly feel more girly, sexy and carefree!
  • Tips & Warnings

  • It is best not to brush your hair after you have created the waves or they will lose their structure.
  • Some people like to substitute the curling iron method with a hair straightener instead.
  • If using the "twisting method", after removing your buns, flip your head upside down and tousle your roots with your finger tips to lift hair and give it some volume.

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