Monday, March 11, 2013


Glitter  adds a touch of glamour to any make-up. Glitter cosmetics are any type of makeup products that contain glitter; this can be everything from lipstick to eyeliner to body glitter. Some have large, noticeable pieces of glitter in them, while others just provide a light shimmer. The type of glitter cosmetics that an individual chooses to wear largely depends on the look desired, as well as a person's age. Kids and teens, for example, are big fans of over-the-top glittery cosmetics that provide a lot of sparkle, while older women might only want a little extra shimmer in a bronzer or eyeshadow to make the face look brighter.
Lipsticks and eyeshadows are some of the most popular types of glitter cosmetics. Eyeshadow for teens, or to be worn at special events, might have large pieces of glitter in it, but there are many different types of eyeshadow that just have tiny reflective particles that add a bit of shimmer. These can really make the eyes pop, and look bigger and brighter. Glitter eyeliner can have a similar effect as well. Glittery lip gloss, worn on its own, or over the top of a darker lipstick, can also make the lips look shimmery and bright. Adults typically do not wear glittery lip gloss, but again, there are some more subtle options that add a bit of brightness and shimmer.
Bronzer and blush are other types of glitter cosmetics that often include light reflecting particles to make the face look brighter and more awake. Foundation or concealer are two types of cosmetics that typically do not include glitter. For those looking for a more dramatic look, such as for stage makeup or another type of special event, there is dedicated glitter makeup that can be smoothed over the skin in a similar way to foundation, but this is not a product that would be worn on an everyday basis. This is often referred to as body glitter, and is typically sold in a small jar or tub.


It is important to always remove glitter cosmetics at the end of the day; the makeup can clog the pores if it is left on the skin, or it can cause extreme eye irritation if eyeshadow or eyeliner is not removed and glitter gets in the eyes.

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