Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Here you will find fall/winter 2012 makeup trends which you too can apply yourself.

1. It is the time to make a daring revamp to your sexy lips this fall. The trend this season is deep plums and rich mauves to accentuate that gorgeous pout of yours and you will find that there is a color suited for everyone including the Chap stick-wearer will be up to a tinted lip balm.
Soft Taupe Eyes with Red Ultra Gloss Lips
Soft Taupe Eyes with Red Glossy Lips

You may be scared to paint your lips with such boldness for it can be pretty intimidating. I think this fall’s lip color is a little bit too daring.  All you have to do is to figure out which shade suites your skin tone and under tones perfectly.


2. Dramatic lip color is in!

Dramatic Lip Color

3. Another fall 2012 makeup trend is winged eyeliner. Whether dramatically extended extended or applied to only half of the lid, this season it is fashionable to wear winged eyeliner!

Geometric Eyeliner Trend

4. Color-Blocked eyelids

5. Weathered cheeks


When it comes to makeup, always try to accentuate only one feature at a time. If you want to wear winged eyeliner, keep your lips neutral-don't over do with red lips. Or, if you want to apply dramatic lip color, keep your eye makeup simple- wear only mascara for example.

Or, simply, it is much better if you apply makeup to accentuate your best feature!!!

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