Thursday, October 11, 2012

CC CREAM: Color Control BB Cream

CC Creams

It seems like only yesterday the BB Cream craze kicked off in the whole world. Now we are ahead of cosmetic curve, as CC Creams are barreling towards the beauty market. I wonder if they're already working on DD and EE creams too...

CC (color control/color correction) cream is basically a souped-up version of its blemish (or beauty) balm predecessor. In addition to being an all-in-one miracle in a tube, the CC variation is said to be a bit more nourishing and of a lighter, fluffier texture that provides better coverage and a higher SPF component.

CC creams are said to be all-in-one complexion perfectors that function as both a skin-care product and makeup. 

What makes CC different than BB is that they are said to provide more coverage, as well as the addition of even more skin-nourishing ingredients. So, BB creams with superpowers!!!!


While the CC cream phenomenon is still in its infancy, Olay won the metaphorical race and launched the first one in the United States this October. And I think it's safe to assume that many companies will be following suit and coming out with their own CC creams in 2013.

While most BB creams fall midway between tinted moisturizers and foundations on the coverage spectrum, CC creams vary dramatically. Some, like the Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer, $21.50, are more like souped-up tinted primers to wear under your usual foundation. However, some of the CCs in Asia, like the Rachel K CC cream, will give you more coverage than a BB cream.


The Olay CC cream targets hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and blotchiness, and claims long-term spot-diminishing benefits. Many of the CC creams from Asia are packed with antioxidants like white tea and green tea, and the Rachel K version even has epidermal growth factor, which stimulates collagen production by speeding up your skin's natural exfoliation.


New Generation Makeup and Skin Care Product in one!!!

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