Friday, September 7, 2012

MAKE UP SET and BRUSHES: A lady should have

Makeup Set


Make up sets are probably one of the top requested cosmetic gifts besides fragrances. There are loads of makeup sets in the market, however we can make "our own make up set" which contains our favorite makeup products. 

What should our make up set contain?

1. Lipsticks (nude, pink, coral, red, berry, brown...)
2. Lipglosses (clear, pinkish, neutral...)
3. Lipbalm
4. Foundations (two shades: one light, one darker)
5. Powders ( one press powder of your own skin tone, one translucent powder)
6. Concealers (one for undereyes, one for other imperfections,blemishes...)
7. Mascara 
8. Eyeliner
9. Eyepencils (black, white, dark grey and colored if you like)
10. Eyeshadows (preferably shadow quads, duos or sets: neutral colors, shimmery dramatic colors...)
11. Blushes (pinkish, peachy...)
12. Bronzer
13. Highlighter (preferably creamy lightest color possible)
14. Brushes (powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, concealer, shadow brushes)
15. Eyebrow comb 
16. Eyelash curler
17. Makeup removing wet towels
18.Makeup Remover
19. Cotton balls
20. Cotton swabs (for correction of makeup) 
21. Tweezers
22. A small scissors
23. A mirror 
24. Nail polishes (clear, french manicure set, other colors)
25. Nail manicure set (clipper, file, buff...)
26. Nail polish remover

Here are some "ready" make up sets sold in the market:



I should say that it is much better you prepare your own make up set. This way, you will combine better products for you- the products that are better in quality, match your skin type and suit your taste. 

Give yourself time. You can't find the best products on your first time. It is a period of trial and error. In time you will be knowing which product is best for you.

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