Thursday, October 11, 2012

BRIDAL MAKEUP: How to Do Your Own Wedding Makeup

Bridal Makeup

It is every girls dream to become a bride. You want to look your best because your wedding day is the most important and happiest day in your life. All you want is a radiant, fresh looking, flawless skin and a young healthy glowy look! 


If you like the idea of doing your own bridal/wedding makeup,  here you will find the tips and tricks on how you can do it yourself.

What you will need is:

- Moisturiser
- Makeup primer
- Foundation
- Concealer
- Face powder  (2 shades: light shade for under-eye, darker shade for the rest of your face)
- Blush
- Lip liner
- Lipstick
- Eyeliner
- Eye pencil
- Eyelash curler
- Mascara (preferably waterproof)
- Eyeshadow primer
- Eyeshadow
- Brushes and sponges

1. Start by washing your face. Get rid of the excess oils off your face.

2. Apply moisturiser. Dry skin will make the cosmetics look uneven on your face. Wait a few minutes so that moisturiser penetrates the skin. 

3. Apply primer. Makeup primers are essential for such events. They prolong the staying power of your makeup.


4. Apply your foundation evenly, preferably with a brush or a wet sponge.


5. Conceal your under-eye area, or any imperfections on your face. Use a concealer brush or a sponge.

6. Apply light-colored face powder generously over your undereye area with a sponge.

7. Apply the darker (which fits your own skin color) face powder all over your face, skipping under-eye area.

8. Apply eye primer so that your eyeshadow will stay put and will look more radiant.

9. Do your eye makeup. Don't forget to highlight your brow bone.

10. Curle your lashes.

11. Apply your eye-liner and/or eyepencil.

12. Put on your mascara. Water proof mascara is much better on such events as there is a possibility you will cry.

13. Brush on your blush on the cheek bones. You can highlight above the cheekbones.

14. Apply lip liner, then your lipstick.

15. Finish with a makeup fixing spray. (optional)

Finished Look


- Make several trials. Practice.
- The key is to look like yourself, only better. 
- Most important thing is your skin tone: choosing your foundation. 
- Use makeup primer and eyeshadow primer to make your makeup stay longer
- Pluck your eyebrows and remove your facial hair the day before your wedding: Allow time for any redness or irritation to lessen.

This is me, with the make up i did myself on my wedding day


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