Thursday, July 26, 2012


We all want smooth, glowing, flawless skin. To get the glowing flawless skin, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Some women are really lucky to be born with a flawless skin, however for the rest of us thankfully, there are beauty products and ways to get a better skin.

Making your skin flawless needs great care. Here you will find some tips for flawless skin.

If you consider that make up is enough to hide your blemishes, think once again. Makeup can only cover your skin woes, not eliminate them.


1) Avoid smoking, drinking too much alcohol, eating too much junk food.


2) Determine your skin type. If you have skin problems like acne, sunspots, dry skin etc, see your dermatologist and solve it from the beginning.

3) Choose your skin care products according to your skin type and needs.

4)Keep your skin clean (use cleansers daily), and moisturised (day and night).


5)Don't forget to exfoliate at least once a week. Remove dead cells that make your skin look dull. Moisturise after exfoliation.

6)Use facial sunscreen with high protection.

7) Wash away your make up. Never sleep before you remove your makeup properly.

8) Drink plenty of water. It helps remove toxins from your body, improves elasticity of the skin and hydrates it. 

9) Eat healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables are great for the skin.

10) Exercise. It will help you detoxify. Exercise boosts the blood circulation increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to skin to make it glow naturally.

*****These are what you can do to achieve a flawless skin naturally - without makeup!!!!****

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