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Highlighting your face makes your skin glow, helps to minimize or maximize facial features and gives you that finished sheen you see in magazines.

It makes you look healthier, glowy and gorgeous when you illuminate the right places of your face.

All you need is a product at least 2 shades lighter than your skin and it should contain slight shimmer to make you glow.

You should be careful where to highlight, as highlighting makes pop the area. If applied on wrong places, it will make you look older, shiny or greasy.

There are plenty of highlight products, in cream, liquid or powder form.

NARS Illuminator

MAC Color Base-Pearl  (My favorite for cheekbones and browbones)

MAC Paint Pot-Painterly

If you haven't bought any yet, you can use a nude/vanilla color eye shadow for highlighting. 

MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow

Places to highlight:

1)Top of your cheekbones
2)Under your eyes (after concealing dark circles)and corner of your eyes
3)On your browbone
4)Center of your forehead
5)Straight down the middle of your nose
6)middle of the top of your lip
7)Your chin

Highlighting your face

- If your product is in powder form, you will need a highlight brush.

Highlight brush

- If it is creamy, you can use your hand as well as using highlight brush depending on its consistency.

- You can use smaller highlight brushes if you like.

Small Highlight brush

Highlighted faces

You can obtain that "Magazine Look" you've been looking to with illuminating the right places of your face correctly.

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