Friday, April 6, 2012

Makeup Tip: How to Enhance Your Eye Shape

eye-shadow cheat-sheet1

How to enhance your eye shape with eyeshadows

Here, you will find the ways to enhance your eye shape with eye shadows. You can do it simply with 2 shadows, or adding highlighter to 2 shadows, or 3 shadows and highlighter. 

You can try all the ways illustrated above, and see which one does better for you.

Just remember:

- Dark colours give you a more dramatic look, and they are contour colours which add depth, which means they recede...

- Light coloured eye shadows give you highlight where you want a pop-up effect...

If you use eyeshadow base/primer before you apply shadows, there will be no smudging, creasing or caking. Base/primer covers the eye-lids creating an even surface for better shadow application. Additionally base/primer will maximize your eyeshadow colours- they will be more brilliant and fresh all day.

Enjoy yourself!! :)

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