Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

Here is how to get the perfect eyebrows according to your face shape with the eyebrow measuring method with pictures.

Eyebrows - if groomed and shaped properly - can beautifully highlight eyes, the most dramatic and expressive facial feature. Before you start plucking or waxing your eyebrows, it is vital to choose the right shape for your features.

Usually, the best eyebrow shape is your natural shape and don't try to change them completely. You are born with the correct eyebrow shape for your face, so let it guide you.
It is highly recommended to go to a cosmetician - at least for the first time - to get them done professionally and properly and ask for advice on how to how maintain them at home. After that, all you have to do is pluck the hair that grows.

Eyebrows should be as long as the eyes or just a little bit longer - to get the proper length you should take a pencil and hold it parallel to the side of your nose. Where the pencil meets the brow make a mark with white pencil and pluck hair from outside the mark.
To find where eyebrows should end, take the pencil an hold it diagonally from the nostril following the outer corner of your eye, and mark the inside of the pencil. That is where the eyebrow should end.           

To make the brow slightly arched take the pencil and hold it parallel to the outside part of the iris. The part where the pencil meets the brow is where the highest point of your eyebrow should be.
Using these marks on both eyes will provide you a general guideline on how the shape of your eyebrow should be based on the shape of your face. Start tweezing the hair that are not inside your drawing, plucking them in the direction of growth.



Shaping Eyebrows to Flatter Your Face

Different Eyebrow Shapes:

  • Round Face
    Best brow shape: High arch, angled with a short tail to give a slimmer appearance.
    Worst brow shape: Round eyebrows will only make the face appear even more round.
  • Long Face
    Best brow shape: A more horizontal, flat brow makes the face appear more oval.
    Worst brow shape: High arch, angled brow with a short tail only exaggerates the length of the face.
  • Square Face
    Best brow shape: Angled or curved, with a sharp peak to draw attention away from the square jaw.
    Worst brow shape: A square jaw needs to be balanced. A round, delicate brow will not provide balance.
  • Heart-Shaped Face
    Best brow shape: Rounded, to soften the pointed chin.
    Worst brow shape: Flat, horizontal brow.
  • Oval Face
    Best brow shape: This face shape can accommodate a variety of brow shapes. Soft, angled brows are particularly flattering.
    Worst brow shape: A brow that is too highly arched.
  • Diamond-Shaped Face
    Best brow shape: An angled, round or curved brow with a peak to narrow the appearance of wide cheekbones.
    Worst brow shape: Flat, horizontal brow makes the face look short and wide.

Once you finish plucking, cleanse the area with a toner, which will lessen the chance of a follicle becoming infected and leading to a pimple.     

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